What used to be (on) this website?

If the News didn't give you a good enough clue of what this website used to be like (along with some other oddities), this Archive sure should.

Website Updates

A very early image of the main page. It doesn't have art, archives, or even a marquee!

A more recent image of the main page, with some of the marquee in view. Alas, it still uses the "bullet list on page body" way of linking things.

A closer-to-finished main page, with the end of the marquee in sight. I didn't plan this, but it's placement is a wee bit symbolic of something, no?

The Collection page used to be one whole page before I decided to split it in two. No image for this one, sorry.

In the Place of Other Pages

The old Site Info and Misc pages. Barely anything to read and no images at all! (The Comedic Transcripts page isn't shown here, but it's about the same.)

Unused Images

The original About Me image, before I decided to redraw it in MS Paint. You can see both of my hands here!

A version of the Page Not Found image with no border. You know, just in case someone wanted to see that.


The marquee below is was used to be at the top of my About Me. The songs used are (in order) "Oh No!", "Bats in my Belfry", "Superstar", "TiK ToK" (specifically Weird Al's cover of it from "Polka Face"), and "Somebody's Watching Me".

(BZZZT) "If you are not very careful, your possessions will possess you! TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appe-" (BZZZT) "Thoughts that need thinking like spring has been sprung! Fantasy helps all of us to think you-" (BZZZT) "I am a superstar with a big, big house and a big, big car! I am a superstar and I don't care who you a-" (BZZZT) "Don't stop, make it pop, DJ, blow my speakers up! Tonight, I'ma fight 'til we see the sunlight; tick tock on the clock, but the polka don't sto-" (BZZZT) "When I come home at night, I bolt the door real tight... People call me on the phone, I'm trying to avoid, but can the people on TV see me, or am I just paranoi-"
FAQ Text, Specifically

"What's your favorite comedy musician (y'know, other than Al)?"

"I've taken a liking to the late Jerry Samuels, better known as Napoléon XIV. I learned about him through "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-haa!", of course, but his other songs are enjoyable as well. He even has his own website!" (Well, until a funny musician named Dan Hollombe rolled along... In a related note, the other favorite band used to have The Scary Jokes & Queen on it. I still like 'em, just not as much right now. You know how it is.)

"Is this site going to get a "format overhaul" (or whatever it's called) anytime soon?"

"Eventually, once I get the basics set up." (Which became outdated after I did start reformatting...) and "It's currently being overhauled. See ya on the other side!" (... and which became outdated after I finished reworking things.)

"Are you going to add links to other Weird Al related YT channels/official funny music sites/etc?"

"Probably; just you wait." (Of course, as the above text can tell you, I did find some more to add...eventually.)

"When are we gonna get more art?"

"When A) I either find my stylus or get a new one and B) I create a decent amount of drawings to share. This site is only running off 1 GB, after all." (I found it, after all...and then lost it again, gave up, and moved to exclusively drawing with my fingers.)

Are you going to use these classifications in the Audio Collection itself?

Probably. Just you wait. (Turns out, I waited and didn't feel like it. Hey.)

Some of these images are squished. What gives?

Some of those images (especially the ones taken from my phone) are very large, so I scaled them down to not implode my site. Still, not all hope is lost; you can open 'em in a new tab to see them un-squashed. (I eventually got thumbnails, so this particular question was rendered (heh, render) useless.)

All the other changes can be found on this Google Doc.

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